Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sorta Sweet

Last week, I went to the Sugar Bowl with my dad in New Orleans.  It was played at the Superdome and Alabama took quite a beating.  It was disappointing watching our team lose to Utah, but Utah played a very good game and we just didn't.  Next year, baby.  Next year.  

If you're in the 20-28 age range, the Superdome in NOLA is probably a symbol to you for something very different than football victories and defeats.  It was strange being in there post-Katrina.  I'd been there before Katrina and thought it looked like a fun spaceship, but now it just represents natural destruction and human fallibility.  

It's tempting, of course, to look at it with a negative slant after losing a big football game inside the dome.  The rest of New Orleans, however, is looking great to me.  Neighborhoods that were obviously devastated are coming back, and Bourbon street sure hasn't lost its "charm."  I have a soft spot for cities on the water, and NOLA is one of them.  I'm definitely in its corner, and I hope it continues to rebuild, both physically and otherwise.    


Anonymous said...

Alabama showed how overrated the SEC was this past season. Florida shouldn't be in the BCS title game. Should be USC v. Oklahoma.

Guy Fawkes said...

Bama played a B- game, while Utah played an A- game. This is NOT an excuse for Bama. The responsibility goes to Saban on down to the benchwarming players.

On top of that, Utah didn't just demonstrate their worthiness to be in a BCS conference like Boise St., BYU, Hawaii, etc. have "clearly demonstrated" that worthiness in the past. Utah has the talent, coaching, execution, depth, speed AND power, and experience to compete in any conference in the nation on a weekly basis.

Josh said...

It never ceases to amaze me, to hear people NOT from New Orleans talk about what our city represents. It's like someone seeing a Stanley Kubrick film claiming to be a fan of Anthony Burgess.

Anonymous said...

Yeah guy below me for a reason. Tonight showed how bad the SEC sucked this year. Get bent.

Guy Fawkes said...

You're a non-objective idiot, and it shows. Grow some balls/ovaries and get a real handle you lazy ass. Make a real argument and I'll converse with you. Have a good one, sir.

Anonymous said...

USC was the best team in America this season and would have dominated either the Okies or the Gators. Too bad USC never got a shot, even though its 1 loss was to a good Oregon State team. But Florida got a shot even after losing to Mississippi. This is the same Mississippi team that lost to the likes of Wake Forest, Vandy, and South Carolina and padded its record with wins against loser football schools like Memphis, Samford, and Louisiana-Monroe.

BCS sucks. With a playoff, USC would have won the last 3 national titles instead of Florida, LSU (now THAT was a truly undeserved BCS championship), and Florida.