Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Good Company

The Tuscaloosa News is writing an article about Thank You Ma'am's ABA blog poll win, and they sent a photographer to take a picture of me "where [I] usually blog."  Where do I usually write?  In class!  We compromised and they took a picture of me in an empty classroom.  I'll link to the story when it's online.

I have a friend who blogs on (and created), and I'm sitting behind him in the Health Care Liability class that I'm in now.  He blogs in class too!  Yay, I'm not the only one.  


Anonymous said...

Maybe that explains why you can't put your GPA on your resume?

Sharon said...

Can't, or don't?

Anonymous said...

Can't. Going by what you said, about needing to distract from the absence of your GPA, implies that your GPA isn't good enough to put on your resume. If someone is in the top 5 or 10% of their class and has a very good GPA (above a 3.75%), then there would be no need to not put it on your resume, because putting it on would only help you.

Anonymous said...

2:57 PM / 6:30 PM is a total jackass.

People who are secure in their grades don't feel the need to pick on others.

For the record, I had an unspectacular GPA in law school, but I ended up with the type of big huge international law firm associate job that everyone wants. In a big city, too. Guess what? Sucked. Sucked for years.

Lateraled to another big huge international law firm in the same big city. One with even more "prestige." Still sucks. And just found out the other day that our pay rates are frozen at the previous year's level, supposedly due to the recession.

So who cares.

bitter biglaw associate

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