Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alumni Newsletter

Today, the people who put together the UA Law School Alumni Newsletter gave me a shout out in the form of a link to my blog.  Thank you for that, sincerely.  I welcome all efforts that will expose my writing to a bigger audience.

But I thought now would be a good time to clarify the roles of the law school and of this blog.  Obviously, since I chose to go here, I believe in this school.  I believe it has a great program, but I'm just a student in this program.  In this blog, I've tried to record and describe the experience of being a law student.  You could say that I've endorsed this school simply by coming here and believing in it, but the school did not endorse this blog as the official UA law blog (or otherwise) when it sent out the link.  It's just sending some reading to alumni that they might find interesting.  We went through the same things, we will have the same alma mater, and we're bound by those shared experiences, so they might be interested in the experience of a 2L who's chosen to keep a blog and share what she's learned.  

To repeat: the law school does not endorse everything I say on this blog, and I intend to keep the blog as an honest reflection of my time here.  This might include some criticisms of the program, but it includes a lot of praise as well.  

Every organization has its problems, and one reason I post my criticisms here is so that fellow students, past and present, can have a forum in which to discuss them.  Otherwise, I hope the blog continues to give some insight into what it feels like to be a law student, and I hope I can make you laugh while you read.  Either way, I hope you find something of value here.  If you have an issue with something I've posted, you're always welcome to email me: Senichols@gmail.com.  


Anonymous said...

I suspect, from the tone of this post, that you've been given a bit of a hard time, or received some angst, from fellow UA law school bloggers over the fact that your blog was mentioned and others were not?

Anonymous said...

If what you say is true, regarding the fact that you will not withhold critism on the law school, then why did you just today delete the tongue-in-cheek post about the WSJ law blog making fun of their recruiting efforts in giving away $20 free itunes cards?

Anonymous said...

Well at least it was put back.

Father Muskrat said...

People who leave anonymous comments are pussies. Sorry if that's harsh or offensive to Sharon, but if you're going to be critical, put a name with it, oh ye who has no spine. Damnation.

In any event, congrats on the shout out! I'd shit myself if my law school's newsletter or magazine acknowledged, or linked to, my blog. I haven't told a single former classmate. Hey wait...maybe I'm the pussy, not the anonymous commenter.

Anonymous said...

It makes you a pussy and a hypocrite. What, you think by creating a fake internet ID called "Father Muskrat" all of a sudden means you're owning up to your comments? Do you know how easy it is to create a dumb email address and pseudonym on the internet? And all of a sudden posting under that stupid pseudonym that took 5 minutes to create makes a comment more or less valid? That's just dumb.

If you're going to criticize, then I suggest signing your real name to your comments before attacking others...you know, the whole people in glass houses things. If not, then stop being such a self-righteous prick.

Guy Fawkes said...

Father Muskrat, I gain respect for you with every one of your comments on Sharon's blog. <3

Anon, your perspectives are actually respectable imo, although I definitely disagree. Even a pseudonym created specifically for a SINGLE comment at least gives some frame of reference for other commenters to respond, whereas anonymous comments at least give the appearance of an unwillingness to examine outside perspectives because of their fundamental weaknesses. Again, I think you have some good perspectives that have simply been obscured by the animosity stemming from this post. I think Muskrat might even agree :)

Father Muskrat said...

Guy, You're right. I do agree. No, I don't want my parents-given name attached to my blogging, but at least my comments are attached to it and its persona. I certainly don't troll around just to hurt folks under the a name I don't use anywhere else.

And I freely admit to being a self-rightous prick. Several hundred readers seem to enjoy it every day!