Thursday, April 24, 2008


We took our first exam for this semester today. Con Law. I may have failed it.

Now, my predictions on exam grades have not been accurate in the past, so maybe I'm wrong this time too. Law school exams are meant to be taken under pressure -- they're written so that most students barely finish on time, and some don't finish at all. In all the law school exams I've taken, I've always furiously typed up until the very end. Except for this time.

This time, I ran out of issues to analyze with about half an hour left. That's a bad sign. I didn't turn it in early -- I sat there and came up with a couple more useful observations -- but it still worries me.

The good news is that it's over; nothing I can do now but focus on Evidence and Property. C'est la vie.

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Wesley said...

I am sure you did great. That you remembered that it was Constitutional Law and not something else means you probably didn't fail.

One of my friends was studying the night after our first exam of the spring semester 1L year and looked at his disk drive and found the exam disk from that morning. We had to rush back to school that night and have a meeting with the dean to turn it in. That was a crazy night.

Good luck with your exams. I know you will do great. If you are keeping it together enough to blog you are already ahead of most people.