Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Law School Rankings

Although these rankings came out a little while ago, I didn't write about them for some reason. The 2008 US News and World Report law school rankings are out, and Alabama moved up to number 32 on the list, from number 35 last year. That may not seem all that great, until you consider that we beat out schools like the University of Wisconsin-Madison (number 36), Chapel Hill (number 38), and Wake Forest (number 42). Roll tide roll!


MRK said...

P.S. #3 is, I feel fairly certain, Prof. Marsh.

Sharon said...

Yeah? I heard some of the professors didn't want their quotes to be attributed to them. Here's a good Prof. Krier quote from our exam review session:

“If you didn’t come to class much, then I would either try to find someone who took good notes who will lend them to you, or who will sell them to you, or kill yourself. In that order.”