Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clinton Wins PA

CNN projects Clinton to win the Pennsylvania primary! PA has 158 delegates, so this means she'll pick up a majority of the delegates for the state. The exact number depends on how much she wins by. Before PA is added, Clinton has 1,504 delegates to Obama's 1,648.


RumorsDaily said...

She may not pick up a majority of delegates: they're assigned by the winners of Congressional districts, not based on the state-wide vote total. I haven't actually seen the congressional district-based breakdown yet.

Though, based on the size of the statewide margin, she'll probably take a majority of them.

Anonymous said...

Selfish bitch is going to cost the dems the election anyway. She's got roughly a 10% chance of winning anyway, and that's being optimistic.

InterestedObserver said...

So, Clinton is selfish for wanting to continue the political process? Well, hell, why don't you call Obama a selfish bastard for entering the race in the first place. After all, Clinton was considered the democratic nominee way before Obama. I mean, gosh, what was he thinking?