Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"She only drinks Diet Coke and has even admitted she hasn't drunk water in years because she 'hates the taste.'"

Posh, like my mama, doesn't drink water! I think this is so strange. I taught myself to drink water in college, mostly because I was broke and couldn't afford Diet Coke every time I was thirsty. But it's also healthier.

Also, Posh apparently keeps her 24-inch waist by never eating full meals. She only eats snacks -- pretzels and soy beans. That sounds like a sad existence to me. If you're only going to eat snacks, go for ice cream and nuts.

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coke user said...

The constant supply of sugar and artificial sweetener into your bloodstream may help explain your "poor impulse control," as described in your short bio.

I'd stick with water. Proven to work on humans for thousands of years.