Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Frivolous Classes and Football Tickets

The law school decided that rising 2Ls should register this morning -- the same morning that football tickets went on sale. Now, football tickets might not seem like a big deal to you. If they're not, then you don't go to a big SEC school. Getting football tickets at Alabama is at least as exciting as landing a well-paying summer job, and twice as exciting as getting into the classes that you want for next semester.

The good news: I got football tickets AND into the classes I wanted next semester. The bad news: most of the classes I wanted were frivolous, and although my schedule for next semester is awesome (Sports Law!), I'll end up having a boring schedule in the spring.


Anonymous said...

Not counting the Auburn game, the 2008 Alabama home schedule consists of Western Kentucky, Tulane, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas State, and Mississippi State.

That is one sincerely pathetic schedule.

I guess Southeast Louisiana, Mississippi Valley State, and Vanderbilt weren't available.

Pac 10 fan

Ms. Feasance said...

I'm just annoyed that they put registration during class--in my property class, the students without laptops openly bailed at around 9:20. It also kind of sucked for the people who got locked out of the system because they expressed interest in the JD/MBA program.
Why couldn't we register during, say, lunch? When nobody has class? Sigh.

Emo Cat said...

Go Gators!