Thursday, May 29, 2008


CNN is telling me that sales of Spam are up 11% from the last quarter. Somehow, CNN alleges, this is related to high gas prices. Hmm. It's a big jump to get from "gas prices are high" to "I like spam and I'm going to go buy more." I thought it would have taken a much harsher economic climate to drive people to eat Spam. It's not the 1940s, people.


Guy Fawkes said...

Spam is only one step above Soylent Green. If gas hits $5/gallon this summer in the US, I'm going to corner the market on food made from processed human corpses.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a little more digging on this story and you would have figured out why it is interesting.
1) Gas prices have an impact on everyone's pocketbooks, forcing them to cut back on spending on everything, including food.
2) SPAM is actually MORE EXPENSIVE than other processed meats.
3) Therefore, advertising is a sick, sick beast.

Anonymous said...

I love spam. Koreans love spam, generally. Fried spam, white steamed rice, and soju. Mmmmm, spam.