Thursday, May 22, 2008

ATL Meetup

Yesterday, I went into DC and had drinks with David Lat, Kash Hill and Justin Walker from AboveTheLaw. Although I've written for their website before, we'd never met, so I was excited to meet these little celebrities in the legal world.

We met at Poste, the bar inside Hotel Monaco and had drinks and some fantastic appetizers. Although the conversation drifted all over the place, my favorite was when David went on his Privacy Rant. He thinks that privacy only encourages negative behavior: "I mean, think about it. What do you do in private? You pick your nose in private! You eat too much and you're lazy in private!" He then described his plan of posting on Facebook, every day, how much he weighs, what he ate that day, and how much exercise he got that day to encourage himself to live a healthy life. He's right; that kind of setup would make all of us a lot healthier. Can you imagine strangers being able to add up how many calories you ate during the day? We'd ALL be a lot thinner and healthier.

However, this is coming from David, who has run two marathons and is totally going to run another sometime soon. He's already a pretty healthy guy. Kash is also running her first marathon this weekend (go Kash!). They inspired me to, at least, go to the gym a few times a week.

There was another conversation about a memo from Harvard that has stirred up some controversy. I received a refresher course in what "on the record," "off the record," and "background" mean.

Overall, it was a fun little meetup. Here's the semi-awkward looking picture from the end of the night:

Also, on my drive home, I saw a rainbow. That's got to mean good things are ahead, right?


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty rough-looking picture, not very flattering for anyone, but it is nice to be able to see everyone together.

Anonymous said...

I don't need anonymous strangers to help regulate my food intake and exercise, feeling good about myself and looking good is it's own motiviation. I think that anyone with a healthy degree of self-control and self-respect should be able to motiviate of their own voalition to eat a healthy diet and exercise.

Anonymous said...

That first comment must have been written by a jealous woman. Sharon, you are so much hotter than Kash.

Although I'd hit it with Kash, too.

No interest in Lat.

Anonymous said...

Should you really be judging other people's grammar, SEN?

We met at Poste, the bar inside Hotel Monaco and had drinks and some fantastic appetizers. (There should be a comma)

You are a stupid slut.