Thursday, May 08, 2008

Darn Tornado Ruined My Study Break

Just now, I was walking out of the law school building when I heard a worker on a walkie talkie say "Yep, it's a tornado warning now." So I turned my little self around and went back in the building. This is pretty common in Alabama, but hearing tornado sirens still makes me uncomfortable.

Alabama's law school is all in one big building, and the structure has a ton of walls facing outside that are just glass. The library has big skylights, so when there's a warning, they clear us out. There are a couple of exams going on right now -- I wonder what they'd do if the power went out. It would certainly send the records office, which is responsible for administering exams, into a tizzy.

So now I'm sitting with a bunch of people watching the weather on TV in the lounge area. Even though my house might be safer, I'm going to wait it out in the law school because I'm a wus and don't want to go home alone.


Anonymous said...

See. You should've gone to a Pac 10 school. Better football schedules. No tornado worries. More polite dentists out West. And blonde hair fits in everywhere in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington.

Sharon said...

True that, except for the dentist part. This dentist was the exception -- in general, southern people are the most polite people I've ever met.

Phaedrus said...

During my second final of law school the fire alarm went off. Half the class got up and left immediately, 25% just sat wondering what today, the other 25% (including me) typed away furiously until the fire physically made us move or the professor assured extra time (which he eventually did when he realized we weren't leaving).

Anonymous said...

The non-Southerners in general are really funny about tornado sirens. I don't even hear them anymore!