Monday, May 26, 2008

"No One Wants Privacy More Than Criminals!" -- Judge Richard Posner

Remember the post from a few days back about when I went to dinner with David Lat and he went off on a humorous monologue about how he has no use for privacy? His plan was to blog about his bad habits in order to eradicate them, and now he's actually gone and done it. David launched "Project Truman Show" over at his personal blog. Here's a quote from his explanation:

Privacy is what allows us to eat pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in a single sitting, to cheat on our spouses, to pick our noses, to watch porn, to abuse our children. Privacy facilitates all sorts of unsavory, unethical, and even illegal conduct.

His main goal is to bring his weight back down to his "fighting form," which strikes me as very Bridget Jones. But he does have other worthy goals as well, and exposing his progress to the world probably will help him accomplish them. Good luck, David.

My bad habits: junk food (especially fruit snacks) and general procrastination. I'd get a lot more reading and writing done if I had to post my progress online every day. What bad habits would a lack of privacy help you break?


Chase Long said...

As intriguing as this whole idea is I feel the need to step up and defend poor little privacy. Sure it facilitates bad, but it also facilitates good (think of the fun movies you have secretly Netflix'ed that you'd never own up to). Privacy lets you be who you are, whether or not you are proud of that person is another matter entirely. Besides it also allows for "polite society." Quite frankly people are going to pick their noses at some point, and I for one want them doing it in private, so I can live on with the fantasy that it never happens.

But all that is an aside. I really just wanted to respond to ask you what the hell kind of fruit snacks you are eating that are junk food? If fruit snacks are bad there's no hope for those of us who consume brownies!

Sharon said...

Oh, fruit snacks are pure sugar! Maybe I should rephrase that and say that my vice is sugar in general, brownies included.

Also, I understand the concerns about privacy. I think David was being facetious here -- he knows that his words sound a little 1984ish.