Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Not cute at all."

The gods of law school have not smiled on me lately. I've had the worst luck this exam period. Last semester I chipped my tooth (biting my nails during class -- I totally brought that one on myself). The dentist fixed it, but the filling came loose yesterday. If it had been one of my back teeth, I wouldn't have worried as much about it, but it was a very conspicuous chip on one of my front teeth. Thankfully, the dentist fit me in yesterday to fix it.

I knew it looked bad (hence my hurry to get it repaired), but I just had to laugh at the dentist's reaction when he saw it.

Dentist: "So show me what's going on. Give me a big smile."
Me: [Wide smile]
Dentist [With a horrified look on his face]: "Oh! Oh, not cute. Not cute at all."

You know it's pretty bad when the dentist tells you your teeth are ugly.

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