Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Where's the political commentary?

I've been getting emails asking why I'm not writing about the election. It is, you know, a big year for politics.

I started out writing this blog on politics because that's what I majored in in college (and philosophy) and I was interested in politics. I'm still interested, and I follow elections pretty closely.

Here's the deal. The more I learn, the less informed I feel, and the less qualified I feel to comment on it. I can write about my thoughts and predictions, but besides a college degree in political science, I don't have any guarantee to offer that my thoughts or predictions are accurate.

It's kind of like that Socratic quote: something about how the wisest man is the man who knows that he knows nothing. I'm wondering if I'll get to a point where I feel confident in my political analysis again, but I don't right now.

That's just an explanation of why I haven't been commenting. But since you guys seem to want me to start writing about politics again, I will. Just keep all of the above in mind.


Anonymous said...

There should be no comma between "politics and "because" in your second paragraph.

Grammar Cop

Sharon said...

True dat. I fixed it.