Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Baltimore Sun

Here's the Baltimore Sun article that I interviewed for last week, and here's an excerpt:

The founder of the wildly popular Facebook group called "I judge you when you use poor grammar" grew up in Severna Park and graduated from Annapolis Area Christian School. Now in law school at the University of Alabama, Sharon Nichols, who's 23, laughs when she gets hate mail from the grammar poor (perhaps from the competing Facebook group "I judge you when you judge people who use poor grammar, you elitist wankers").

She can afford to laugh - she's got nearly 300,000 like-minded people on Facebook, a book inspired by the group's exploits that's due in December and the timeless rules of grammar on her side. "It's not necessarily a bad thing, to have standards," she says.


Anonymous said...

It is not generally considered strong writing style to include parentheses within one's sentences. It is not technically incorrect, but it looks sloppy.

I know it was the Baltimore Sun writer, Jill Rosen, who inserted the parentheses marks, but I thought it amusing that she did so in an article about proper grammar.

Also, there should be no comma between "bad thing" and "to have standards." That is just grammatically incorrect. Way to go, Jill. Irony.

Grammar Cop

Sharon said...

I agree -- I wouldn't have put that comma in there, but it's a quote from the reporter, not my own writing.

Helen said...

I liked that excerpt! At first I was thinking, "Why in the world do they care that she grew up in Severna Park and went to AACS?", then I realized it's the Baltimore Sun....duh.

Laugh away, Shazzy. Just save some of your profits from the book to visit me, please :). Oh, and we also still need to go to Dubai.

Manda said...

Grammar cop, technically "Irony" is not a sentence.