Monday, September 01, 2008

Football Season Opens with a Beatdown

Football season began with a hurricane and a bang. The hurricane was Gustav, which ended up not interfering with the Alabama-Clemson game. The bang was the beatdown that Clemson received when we beat the 36-10 in the first game of the season.

I was never a huge football fan, but growing up in a house in MD with an Alabama room, the creed of Alabama football reached me. I still don't know the intricate rules, but I cheer when other Alabama fans cheer, I go to the games, and I'll do my darndest to sneak some bourbon into the stadium.

It's begun, everyone. It has begun.

IN THE COMMENTS: Yes, I do make the occasional grammatical mistake. Feel free to judge me and then correct me for it. Hey, I'd do it to you.


Anonymous said...

Hmm..."when we beat the 36-10", that should be "when we beat them". Are you still blogging drunk or just not editing your work anymore?

Anonymous said...

I also forgot this one, "in the first came of the season", really? It looks like this didn't even get a cursory glance from you before posting.

Anonymous said...

How about the subject / verb agreement of "but I cheer when other Alabama fans cheers" instead of the infinitely more correct "other Alabama fans cheer". Now that (along with the other mistakes) is just sloppy writing and kind of embarrassing for you given your group.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" needs to get a life.

Anonymous said...

"Occasional" versus three mistakes in one post is a big difference. But even after the corrections and your added comment, you still forget to correct the first mistake, "when we beat the 36-10".

And 12:34 I wish I could, but that's a downside of being a biglaw associate and stuck working on Labor Day.