Sunday, September 14, 2008

Print v. the Web

I'm not sure I like the new format, with the more prominent photo at the top of the page. It seems like a move towards even more sensationalism -- grab the readers' emotions, then maybe they'll be more likely to click the headline. Is it working on you?

The other day I had a conversation with my friend from college, Katie Abney, who works as an assistant editor at Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine. She works on the print edition, while I'm more interested in the web side of journalism. She spoke about how there's some tension between the two sides. The print people believe that a better narrative can be told through the print version of a magazine/newspaper, because you have almost full control of the layout.

It's an interesting argument, but it seems inevitable to me that journalism is moving towards the web for good. There will always be print editions of books, newspapers, and magazines, but the speed of posting and receiving information on the web is a huge draw, and I think we'll eventually change over to getting the majority of the information we read from the web.


Zuska said...

The current format on CNN is temporary - it's what they use when there's a big story going on (Hurricane Ike). It went back and forth between this and the usual during the campaigns. I bet it's back to normal by morning.

Sharon said...

You're right! They're back to normal now.