Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I got an interview request from the Christian Science Monitor in Boston. The paper's name might sound obscure, but it's actually a national paper that covers world affairs. We had to read it in college political science classes.

I'll let you know when the article should be coming out.

ADDED: I'm told, by my commenters, that there was no need to explain what the CS Monitor is. My readers already know what the great newspaper is, so thank you all for being well-read and exceeding my expectations.


Anonymous said...

It's hardly an obscure paper.

Also, out of curiosity, why is "tide" not capitalized in your "About Me" section? I've wondered this for a while, and though this may not be the right place to ask that question, maybe you can satisfy my curiosity with a response.

Anonymous said...

I ought to have added to that comment, "congratulations on the interview," precisely because the CSM is not an obscure paper. Consequently, my first post was more rude than I intended. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

It is highly amusing that the previous commenter is questioning SEN for not capitalizing the "T" in "Roll tide," but he/she/it can't even use the word "ruder" properly. Instead, he/she/it incorrectly makes up the term "more rude." Nice.

The previous commenter is right about one thing. The Christian Science Monitor is a major publication and quite well known across the country. It is quoted all over the place, and if someone doesn't know that, that person is stupid. SEN should not have to feel the need to describe the Christian Science Monitor to the readers of this blog.

Then again, maybe SEN is just saying that she thinks there are a lot of truly stupid people who read this blog. Not very nice but possibly true, based on the previous commenter's grammar usage.

Not stupid

Sharon said...

Well, I've been put in my place. The readers of this blog are generally well informed. I described the paper because, in several conversations over the past few days, I've been met with blank stares when I bring up the CS Monitor. You all have exceeded my expectations.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I ask a question, and go so far as to apologize for possibly being being RUDE -- more so than I might have intended -- and I find a RUDER response from someone. More interesting, the commenter who criticized my use of the term "more rude," commented on my "grammar usage," which is, of course, redundant. Thanks for calling ME stupid.

Thank you, however, for the education. You are entirely correct that I should have said "ruder," which led me to look up the way to determine when to modify words with "more" as compared to when to add the suffix "-er." I had no luck in my (brief) search.

I only wish your correction had been more courteously sent. My comment to Sharon wasn't meant to be RUDE, and yours clearly had rudeness as its primary objective. I don't get it. Why the anonymous animosity?

I'd still like to know why "tide" isn't capitalized. And that was, and remains, an earnest question.

I shall post no more on this topic. Thank you, Sharon, for letting me answer my attacker.

Anonymous said...

"Grammar usage" is not an incorrect way to describe your mistake. Think of the word "grammar" as a modifier. For example, look at this sentence:

"I made you look it up in your grammar textbook because you are so stupid."

In that sentence, "grammar" modifies "textbook." Similarly, "grammar" modifies "usage." Yes, it could have been written as "...the previous commenter's grammar." Nevertheless, "...the previous commenter's grammar usage" is also correct.

As for your complaint about being attacked in this comment section, welcome to the internet. You Southern people are polite. I'm not Southern, and I'm not polite.

Still not stupid

Anonymous said...

I'm not Southern, either, but I was raised to have manners. We don't know each other, so what's the benefit of being rude? The Internet is a glorious shield for cowards.

I appreciate the opportunity to correct a mistake, and you correctly pointed out my mistake. That doesn't make me stupid or you not stupid. It just means you caught an error I made. Thank you for helping me to see it.

I maintain that "grammar usage" is, if not technically incorrect, at least a poor choice.

Chase said...


Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded.