Saturday, June 21, 2008

Girl Crush #1289

First of all, I've come to realize that the MTV marathons on Saturdays and Sundays are lethal to my productivity. I know they're a calculated marketing trick designed to suck us into whatever the show is. Today, the shows are prom-related reruns, and I'm fascinated by them -- even though I'm 23 and the topic is supposed to appeal to the 14-18 demographic.

Either I'm particularly susceptible to MTV junk-reality shows, or the marathon strategy works scarily well. It's probably a little bit of both.

Secondly, I have a girl crush on the country singer Taylor Swift. (This video is her performing at the CMAs -- how awesome is she?) When I say "girl crush," it doesn't mean that I want to make out with her; it means I want her talent and her wardrobe and her metabolism. And her paycheck. She's 18 and has a hit album out, and she wrote or co-wrote all the songs on it. Yeah, I'm jealous. She also plays guitar, and we all know it's awesome when a chick plays guitar. Cough, ahem, cough.

The final show on today's MTV marathon afternoon is a set-up of Taylor Swift surprising a high school boy in Tuscaloosa to go to prom with him. Taylor, if you make it back to Tuscaloosa, you can be my date to law school prom!

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Anonymous said...

I watched that episode of "Once Upon a Prom" yesterday and she seems very cool :)