Friday, June 27, 2008


I have an acquaintance who consistently makes me laugh. Even though we're not super close, I kinda wish we were, and hopefully her sense of humor would rub off on me. For example, her Facebook status right now is:
"Elizabeth Stevenson just got a recipe for Mancatcher brownies. Start begging now."
Anyway, I was wondering aloud to a mutual friend the other day whether Elizabeth has a blog, and it turns out that she does. It's called Juxtapositiously, and if you like my sense of humor, you'll probably like hers.


Anonymous said...

Just posting her name right on the internet, huh?

Squirk said...

Should "hers" have an apostrophe?

Neither way looks right to my eye, but I thought there was only one exception to the rule about using apostrophe-s to denote possession.

Squirk said...

I stand corrected.

It's funny, you know. I consider myself something of a "grammar nazi", yet I'd never even thought of this everyday issue.