Monday, June 09, 2008

Emails, Etc.

We get emails and little letters in our boxes sometimes with "special" invitations to recruiting events for law firms. The wording always makes the event sound exclusive and prestigious, but they must forget we can see that they sent the email or letter to the entire law school. When the email has "TO: All UA Law Students" in it, your event is not exclusive.

ADDED: I was knocking the law firm's ineptitude at attracting students to their events, but then I got an email from another firm that used a very smart strategy. The featured text in this email was:
"Don't pass our bar... our open bar, that is!"

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Guy Fawkes said...

You should be happy they didn't inadvertently release your rankings list to the entire school. The firms that only want to recruit "top X%" get those lists so they can target their e-mails. Last year, at least one firm sent out an e-mail invitation to the top quarter with the students' e-mail addresses IN ORDER OF RANK. I think several people still have this e-mail saved for future reference/use/laughs.