Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Excerpts from an interview with Paula Abdul:

Interviewer: "Did you have any idea in the beginning that this was going to be this kind of hit? I mean, it was doing really well in England I guess..."

Paula: "I did. I really did. I really believed that this was going to be a huge, huge show, and it would change variety, I mean we're named into being a reality, but it's reality-variety, and it's a fantastic show."

Interviewer: "Besides the obvious, how has it changed your life?"

Paula: "Ha, you- it's a funny question, you know, you- I've always had this thing with my career, that I'm able to overcome hurdles, and, Laker Girl, you'll never be- you'll never be a choreographer, and then I win every award in choreography, and then I secretly record an album, and they say..."

Abdul actually seems more coherent when her sentences are written out, but in the video it's apparent that she's inebriated. I see rehab in her future.

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