Thursday, September 21, 2006

In praise of reasonable professors.

I have a cold but I went to my 8:00 class this morning anyway. In my next class we were supposed to have a quiz, but I got there and was told by another student that it had been moved to next week. As I was standing up to leave, the professor walked in. He caught me!

My heart dropped; I would have to stay a whole hour and fifteen minutes and be that annoying person sniffing and coughing every twenty seconds.

He asked where I was going, and I said "Nowhere. I have a cold and was going to leave when I found out the quiz was moved, but I guess I'll stay."

"What? I'd rather have you leave than infect the whole class! Go home and sleep. I'll see you Tuesday."

And now I'm off to curl up under the covers.

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