Sunday, September 24, 2006

CofC probably would have rejected me this year.

When online socializing led to getting in touch with people I went to elementary school with, several of them asked "What college is CofC?" Legitimate question, I suppose. We don't have a football team, and if you're not from South Carolina you might not know who we are. Maybe that's slowly changing.

The new George Street Observer has a small piece on the SAT scores and grade point averages of freshmen admitted this year. The average SAT score was 1220, and GPA was 3.81. The honors college averages were 1340 and 4.34.

The honors college numbers make me wonder about the high school classes that allowed the students to have obscene GPAs like 4.34. I thought that was barely possible. How can it be the average?

I was accepted in the honors program, but the 8 required credits of history and post-calculus 2 that was required scared me away from it. By the time I arrived here, I was done with high achievement. I wanted to go to a party school; to roll off the beach and into class with sand still on my feet. It looks like people seeking that type of atmosphere are increasingly better students.

Either way, if I had applied this year straight after high school, I might not have been accepted. It looks like I was just in time.

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