Saturday, December 27, 2008


All these posts, except the one from my neighbor's yard, were done at the Krystal off highway 59 in a suburb of Birmingham called Trussville, AL.

THAT'S commitment.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just get a wireless card for your laptop by Verizon or AT&T? Then you can connect anywhere you have cell phone access and it works over the 3G network, so the speed is very fast. It's not that much either, I think after buying it you can get plans for about $70 / month.

Sharon said...

Eh, because I don't go to places without wireless that often. I was just at my grandparents' because my grandmother broke her shoulder and needed help for a few days. Maybe when I get to travel more it'll be worth it to get a wireless card, but not now.

Brittney said...

Oh, I'm from Trussville! It is actually much more exciting now than it was when I was growing up there. Where the Target is now, was previously a driving range, and the only place to get ice cream was a hole in the wall shack by the name of Dairy Cone. Now there is even a Cold Stone, how about that? Good times.