Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting in Your Professor's Head

Now that I’ve slept for 18 hours of each of the past 5 days, I’m ready to use my brain again. Before coming to my grandparents’ house where I knew there would be no internet, I downloaded copies of my spring semester professors’ law review/journal articles that were relevant to the class I’m taking from them. Hopefully, by reading those, I can get in their heads to some extent and go into the course knowing what they consider important.

Maybe my plan won’t work, but it’s worth trying.


Anonymous said...

You probably wanted to say: "Now that I�ve slept for 18 hours for each of the past 5 days..." instead of "of each of the past 5 days...".

Sharon said...

Why? I've slept 18 hours out of 24 hours in each day. It makes more sense to say "of."

Anonymous said...

I've used your strategy with mixed results. It did get me three A+'s from one professor, though, so it has its merits.