Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Google Chrome

Chrome, Google's internet browser, came out a while ago, but I just downloaded it today.  Usually I use Firefox, but it's been disappointing me lately with its glitches.  

Chrome seems to load pages more smoothly than either IE or Firefox and I like its tabbing design, with the tabs at the very top of the screen.  It'll take some more time for me to form a solid opinion about it, and I admit to being biased in favor of all things Google, but so far I really like it.

Have you guys used it?  What do you think of it compared to IE or Firefox?


IceFisher said...

I've never used it, since it doesn't work on my system, but I'd be wary of it. I'm a rather big privacy freak when it comes to then internet, and I'm not a big fan of all of my information being given to google every time I type something in somewhere.

Otherwise, the browser sounds nice. :)

Anonymous said...

I've used it a few times. I liked how the design is so minimalist and out of your way. It's open source so I'll consider using it when it comes to Linux, but I don't know if I can get away from Firefox.

If you're really concerned about privacy there is a version called Iron that strips out a lot of the features that make people wary of Chrome.

IceFisher said...

It's open source, but not very GOOD open source.

I'm also waiting for a linux version. Perhaps Iron will be right for me.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by not very good open source? Chrome isn't really open source but Chromium is BSD licensed.

The only extras that Chrome has that Chromium doesn't is the auto updater, crash reports and usage statistics, and a tracking feature called RLZ (supposedly to test the effectiveness of different distribution methods).

IceFisher said...

And, of course, the google Javascript engine, the only thing that makes it worthwhile.

I say it's not good open source because it's not cross-platform. Anything like that was written well would be easy to convert. It's not. And not for lack of trying. Have you looked at the source?

Anonymous said...

The V8 javascript engine is open source as well. I haven't downloaded the source code since it's pretty large. What do you see that is wrong with the source? It's already possible to compile on Linux and Mac but not very stable.

JargonTalk said...

I've been using Chrome for some months now, ever since it was first released into Beta. Have been running it in parallel with MSIE7 on one computer, and in parallel with Firefox on another.

Could say that a browser is a browser, but I'll refrain, as I do find Chrome to be an excellent and very rugged browser. Have tried to crash it a number of times, and was only able to do so twice in the early Beta stage. The current release ( is very solid, and seems to hold up with my bad habit of opening multiple windows with many tabs in each. So far it's been extremely reliable... give it a try!

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