Monday, December 29, 2008

From the Gossip Pages

Continuing the trend of writing about purely frivolous topics over Christmas break, Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol gave birth to a baby boy today. The name? Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. Surprisingly normal (it's no "Apple"), but it is a bit of a middle-name overload.

Well, "Easton" does sound like a town instead of a name, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

How on earth does your blog have over 2000 votes on the ABA when you have ~100 visits per day? One suspects that you have a lot of unique visitors who are all voting for you (unlikely) or that somebody is trying to game the rankings.

IceFisher said...

Yeah, because that seems REAL likely. Some conspiracy to win the vote for Sharon. 9/11 was an inside job, too.

Hit counters don't mean anything. In some places, they record more than they should and in others they record less. Also, sorry to say it, but I'm sure that some people are voting for Sharon and not her blog. Online votes are popularity contests, nothing more, nothing less. Sharon happens to have a very popular Facebook group that's willing to do her bidding. I'm sure that many of them went to ABA and voted without reading the blog. I came from her group. I also read the blog. But I sure don't judge others for not doing the same!

If you've got a problem with that, "why don't you write about it in your BLAG?"

Or go make your own facebook group so you can have people do your bidding.

Why are you Anonymous? Too afraid to say that you're actually from one of the competing blogs?

IceFisher said...

Anyways, now that I'm done being annoyed at some people's ignorance, I actually want to say something:

I have two middle names. Two middle names isn't an "overload". Also, I'm a fan of crazy names. I'm tired of the boring old names. Give me something cool.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. Cheater.

IceFisher said...

Over 300,000 people, ready to vote for Sharon. You should be happy that you haven't lost even worse.

Life isn't fair. Quit your bitching and live with it.

So, Armen, is it?

Sharon said...

Thanks, IceFisher. Besides, I know enough about computers to keep one running and nothing more. I wouldn't even know how you'd go about "cheating" on an online poll.

Herr Conspiracy said...

Haha joke's on you, IceFisher.

Funny to see that some people take personality contests so seriously. And you went for the 9/11 conspiracy cliche--great work! I am not Armen, just a cowardly anonymous flamer. And I will remain so, as is my bloggerly prerogative. You just helped confirm my hypothesis that some people can't laugh anything off in the blogosphere. Especially Canadians with their panties in a wad.

one more thing said...

Btw, your blogging persona (created solely to have a shit fit in cyberspace and run to defend some grammarian's purportedly besmirched honor) is not an improvement over anonymity. "IceFisher" from Canada--holy shit, man, now everyone will know who it is!

-Still laughing, anonymously

IceFisher said...

I hate to say it, but "IceFisher" is not at all anonymous. I am somewhat well known around the nets, and I go by IceFisher almost anywhere I go. Hell, googling "IceFisher" comes up with my YouTube channel.

Enjoy making fun of my videos.

anonypotamus said...

Nothing brings a smile to my face more than reading the meaningless squabbles of a few internet toolbags! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Bristol is a town name too! Or a city, I guess.

Emily said...

So, to respond the actual blog... and to one of IceFisher's notes: I, too, am a 4-namer. My 2 middle names are family surnames, and thus will always sound more like towns (or, in my case, a bird and a fruit) than your typical first name.

All in all, I am a fan. Monograms suck though.