Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I've recently been enamored by the word "viral." It used to have such a negative connotation -- Get a trash can for that dude! -- but now it has a positive advertising meaning. If something, like a YouTube video or Facebook group, goes viral, it means it gets passed along "virally,"and accidental fame results for the person responsible.

Example # 1: The "My New Haircut" YouTube video.
"Excuse me sir, you have to check in [to the hotel]." "NOT NOW CHIEF, I'm in the f*cking zone."
Example # 2:"Shoez"

"Kelly, what are you going to with your life?" "I'm gonna go get what I WANT."

Example # 3: "Balloons"
"Look at me! This is me being SERIOUS!"
I love the warning for this third video. "What you are about to see may be disturbing for people without a sense of humor."

These are examples of the viral power of the internet to spread things that people don't necessarily want share. But we can harness this power to our own benefit, right? For example, The Facebook group (I judge you when you use poor grammar ) has stalled just under 250,000 members. I predict, if every enthusiastic person harnessed the power of their buddy lists and invited everyone to the group, we'd reach 300,000 by spring break. What do you say?

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