Monday, February 25, 2008

The (first draft of the) brief is finished!

Thank goodness. Legal writing is my strongest class, but I find it such a chore to do first drafts. My lowest score last semester was on Bluebooking, which is citing cases and authority in the correct form. What can I say? I'm not a details person. This time, though, I Bluebooked the heck out of that brief. If I get a mediocre grade, it won't be because of Bluebooking.

An appellate brief is very different from the inter-office memo that we wrote last semester. Last semester, legal writing was all about being logical and objective. This semester, logic is still a requirement, but we get to write persuasively, and writing persuasively is SO much easier than writing objectively. I think the mind naturally sympathizes with one side or the other, so (if you're advocating the side that you naturally sympathize with) it just makes more sense to write persuasively. It's natural.

This was just the deadline for the first draft of the brief. After our final drafts are turned in (in April), we get to work with partners and present an oral argument for moot court. My partner rocks, and I'm looking forward to that part.

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