Thursday, March 12, 2009

From the shaking hands of a caffeine-addled 2L...

Last night was pretty much an all nighter.  Does it still count as an all nighter if you got 3 hours of sleep?  I say it does, because I was back at school at 2 am to finish up the draft for my Health Care Liability Seminar paper.  It's due at noon, but at this point (10:45 am), I think I'm done.

One of my pet peeves is writing just to write, just to fill space so the paper is as long as the professor wanted it to be.  Although this professor didn't set a certain page limit or minimum, my paper is shorter than I expected it to be.  But after going over it a dozen times fixing little things, I think it turned out just fine.  I'm jealous of people who can take complicated concepts and explain them in very few words, so I hope that's what this paper turned out to be.

More likely, though, I'll get a list of things I need to discuss in it for the final paper and presentation.  Which is fine...that's why they call it a "draft."


Tony said...

Ideally, an essay (or paper as you call it) should be like a lady's skirt; short enough to be interesting yet long enough to cover the subject. With my limited exposure to your "writing" I can only proffer this, the more you write about any subject/area of study, the more exposure you offer others as to that which you may no nothing about.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah none of that makes sense

Anonymous said...

He doesn't no what he's talking about.

Anonymous said...

He also doesn't know how to properly use a semicolon.

A semicolon is used to bring two independent clauses together in the same way that a comma followed by the word "and" do. Stylistically, one should use a semicolon to bring together two independent clauses primarily when those two clauses start off phrased in the same manner.