Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Alabama Supreme Court is Coming!

The Alabama Supreme Court is hearing arguments on two cases at the law school today.  The first case is Ex Parte DBI, Inc., and is about whether DBI, a seatbelt supplier to Kia, has sufficient contacts for the Alabama courts to have jurisdiction over it in a case about the malfunctioning of a seatbelt.

The second case, Riley v. The Joint Fiscal Committee, is about whether the legislature has the authority to protect certain agencies from proration if state resources are not enough to fund all state appropriations.  

To me, the first case is the more interesting of the two, but unfortunately I have an 8:30 class which will cause me to miss some of it.  The law school told us that we could come in and out all day, but I'm still not sure there will even be a seat left if I come late.  I'll do my best though, and I'll cover it on the blog if I can get in.  

If you're interested, here's the Alabama Supreme Court's website.

I've never seen a big case argued in person before, so this is kind of exciting to me.  I know, I'm a huge dork.  But I'm a huge dork who's going to see a state Supreme Court case argued today!

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