Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Other projects.

As you probably know, a few months ago I created a Facebook group titled "I judge you when you use poor grammar." It now has over 116,000 members.

My big project right now is getting t-shirts made for the group. I've hired a graphic designer and bought a domain name, and we're in the final stages of getting the shirts ready. This is a big reason that I haven't posted much lately.

Keep checking back for updates. When the shirts are ready, which will probably be next week, I'll link to them from the blog.


Friday, February 09, 2007


First, I apologize for the delay in new posts. A lot has been happening this week, but I'll shape up soon.

Next, I need to tell the good news. I found out that I was accepted to law school yesterday. I've only heard from one school so far, University of Alabama, so I'm going to wait on the others before I make a decision. Alabama did inform me in style though -- the head of admissions called me. I said "I thought I'd get a letter!" and he replied, "Well, we call people when we can." I thought that was great.

Tonight is for celebrating; tomorrow is for posting.


Friday, February 02, 2007

"We want everyone to know how sorry we are, and that we are willing to do anything to make things right."

I've been meaning to write about this:

Clemson University and the NAACP said Tuesday they are investigating an off-campus party held during the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend that some considered offensive because white students drank malt liquor and at least one partygoer wore black face.

Pictures from the party were posted online, and Clemson officials learned of the January 14 party this past weekend. The school is probing whether students were harassed or whether there was underage drinking. (AP via CNN)

The pictures were posted on Facebook, and almost immediately there was an uproar from students who saw them. The main issue here is: were the students dressing as an exaggerated stereotype of an entire race, or were they just sticking to a theme (ghetto/rapper)?

If they had stuck to the rapper theme, with jewelry, baggy clothes, etc. -- which is the predominate style for white and black rappers -- then the party would be difficult to condemn. A theme party where guests dress as rappers wouldn't be different from one where the theme is Bikers or CEOs and Secretaries. However, the fact that it was during Martin Luther King weekend, as well as the kid who dressed in black face, took it over the edge. Black face has been widely condemned as offensive, and the kid who did it knew it was offensive.

It's unfortunate that this happened at all, especially at a school like Clemson where racial tensions are already pretty high. It's also another example of people unwisely falling for the false sense of security that Facebook conveys. Unless you're ready for the world to see it, don't put it on the internet.