Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Other projects.

As you probably know, a few months ago I created a Facebook group titled "I judge you when you use poor grammar." It now has over 116,000 members.

My big project right now is getting t-shirts made for the group. I've hired a graphic designer and bought a domain name, and we're in the final stages of getting the shirts ready. This is a big reason that I haven't posted much lately.

Keep checking back for updates. When the shirts are ready, which will probably be next week, I'll link to them from the blog.



Micah said...

You might dig these:

Rollie Fingers said...

Just joined your Facebook group. Thanks for the laugh and congrats on your success.



Nina L. said...

Hello! I don't think you should judge people just because they use improper grammar. You can (and should) correct them but judging is a bit mean, don't you think? I am an advocate for proper grammar but I would never judge someone because of the way he or she speaks or writes. I agree with the goals of your group, but some of the things said in it are very mean. Everyone uses improper grammar, some more than others, but being mean to them because of that is wrong. I just wanted to tell you that your intentions might be good but your actions are not. I am sincerely sorry if, in this letter, I didn't use proper grammar. I tried my best. =) Please don't be offended; I just wanted to tell you. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"I Judge You When You Use Poor Capitalization"

1. First, last, major words.
2. Verbs.
3. Pronouns.

But other than a lack of proper capitalization, the group looks fantastic.

Guy Carden said...

Are any of you even linguists?
pff you guys are wannabes
get off your prescriptive horses

Anonymous said...

Verbs and pronouns are not capitalized unless they are the first word of the sentence. Who taught you otherwise?

Phire said...

Unless they're in a title. Can we stop being asshats and just enjoy the group? Despite tendency towards snobbery and elitism, you have to admit it's quite amusing.

Michelle said...

Incidentally, it's spelled T-shirt, not t-shirt, because the shirt is shaped like a capital T.

NicoleLily said...
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