Friday, February 09, 2007


First, I apologize for the delay in new posts. A lot has been happening this week, but I'll shape up soon.

Next, I need to tell the good news. I found out that I was accepted to law school yesterday. I've only heard from one school so far, University of Alabama, so I'm going to wait on the others before I make a decision. Alabama did inform me in style though -- the head of admissions called me. I said "I thought I'd get a letter!" and he replied, "Well, we call people when we can." I thought that was great.

Tonight is for celebrating; tomorrow is for posting.



David Abuin said...

Congratulations on your acceptance to the law school of Alabama! Good luck

Virginia said...

Hey! That's great! Congratulations and hope you celebrated in style!

Jeb said...

Forget AL. Come to UGA law -- we could use a few more grammarians.