Friday, August 24, 2007

One week down...three years to go.

I just finished my first week of law school, and I wanted to write down my thoughts about it so far.

Law school is more demanding than undergrad in a very specific way. The material (so far) has not always been more difficult than the material I saw in college. The biggest change is the way in which students are held accountable for doing the work. In undergrad, your performance was evaluated, semi-anonymously, apart from class time. You turned in papers, the professor graded them and handed them back. Other students didn't see your work unless you showed them yourself.

Although most of our grades in law school are based on a final exam, we're evaluated on our performance every day. Professors call student names from the roll, and if you don't know the answer to a question, they embarrass you. It's an extremely motivational way to get students to do the reading.

It's also mentally exhausting.


Guy Fawkes said...
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Author said...

Good luck - I'm in my first week at North Carolina, and I'm trying to keep fighting the good (grammar) fight there as well. I love the shirts, by the way. Nice work.