Monday, August 13, 2007

I almost had a heart attack.

Maybe not a heart attack. It was more like an acute rush of embarrassment. A few days ago, I emailed my picture to the University of Alabama's law school, for (what I thought was) my student ID. I picked out a nice, respectable looking picture of myself from college graduation. In the picture, I'm wearing a strapless dress and pearls, and the side of my mom's face is slightly visible where I cropped her out. However presentable, the photo was absolutely casual.

When I realized the picture was for the online student photo directory instead of my personal ID card, I rushed to the law school's website to see what type of pictures the other students had sent in. I clicked on the class of 2008 -- the first class listed -- and found that the power suits were out in full force. Every picture was formal and taken by a professional photographer.
Great, now I'm going to be "that hippie girl" who sent in her Facebook picture for the law school directory.

Then I checked what I should have checked originally. In my own class photo directory, the class of 2010, the pictures were blatantly casual. My wavy hair-down strapless-dress picture fit in perfectly with the vibe of the rest of the pictures. Power suits were in the minority, and tanned faces cropped from bright vacation pictures ruled the day. What's going on here? Is the south becoming more casual? Is the practice of law becoming more casual?

I blame it on Facebook.

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Marci B. said...

Oh my - I totally would have done something like that! Well, at least it is a good picture; screw the power suits!!

PS - Just joined your Facebook group about judging bad grammar. I love it!