Friday, December 04, 2009

"There was no reflection on this habit, no idea that God deserved better than cliches."

Quote of the day:
Now there was no antidote to the stock phrases I had been hearing over the years that had begun to pain me whenever they were uttered. 'The Lord has really laid a burden on my heart for you. How's your walk with the Lord? She has a heart for single mothers. Let's just lift these things up to Jesus. We just pray, Lord, for your wisdom and guidance.'

It all sounded like effeminate earnestness. It was lingo. People picked up the phrases and passed them around like a contagion, which meant they were perfectly happy to use what was lying about and say what everyone else was saying. There was no reflection on this habit, no idea that God deserved better than cliches. -- Not That Kind of Girl
I like this quote because it expresses my frustration with organized, especially evangelical, religion. God deserves better than our words, and He certainly deserves better than cliches.


Paul said...

My least favorite is when people open a prayer with "Father God," but they run it together so it sounds like "fathagod." That, and "Lord, we just..." which sounds like "Lor wejus."

I think God rolls the Almighty eyes at stuff like that.

God not only deserves better, but demands better, than our words. "Rend your hearts and not your garments." Joel 2:13

Thanks for keeping us clergy-types honest!

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