Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Students Sniff Something New

I'm working at The Crimson White, UA's student newspaper, and when we stay late (usually) we get loopy and funny things happened.

Last night we were trying to come up with a headline for a story about police officers staging an event where they burned something that gave off the smell of weed, so people would be aware of what it smells like (kinda redundant for college students, don't you think?).

Proposed, and rejected, headline: Students sniff something new.


Anonymous said...

I realize this has been said in all the previous comments, but the book was disappointing to say the least. I didn't buy it but flipped through a copy that had been heavily marked down. I was expecting more substance and humor.

Anonymous said...

"...and when we stay late (usually) we get loopy and funny things happened."

Really? You couldn't copy edit your own blog and catch that it should have been "when we stay late... funny things happen".

You just published a book making fun of those who use poor grammar and yet you can't even edit grammar mistakes from your own blog? You should be ashamed of yourself. I would not be so quick to judge others unless you are beyond reproach yourself.

Metal said...

Sharon nice blog. Although I haven't read the book. I love the title..and don't bother about the naysayers! Keep blogging!