Sunday, April 26, 2009

Exam Essentials

Oprah publishes a "My Favorite Things" section every month in her magazine with pictures of things that we simply must own to have a fulfilling life.  The problem is that these are like $1,000 candy bowls, $899 pumice-stone foot-softeners and other overpriced baubles that reasonable people wouldn't buy from a dollar store.  

Law students have their favorite things too, especially around exam time.  And good news!  You can buy these from normal people stores.  

1) Coffee

2) Post-It tabs.

3) Colorful Highlighters 

As simple as these things are, we could not survive exams without them.


Kendall said...

Yes. I completely agree. These essentials are the only reason I'm graduating (well, not the only reason, but they certainly do play a large role).

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for your recommendations about what it REALLY takes to succeed in law school.