Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for?

Right now, I'm thankful for ritalin and flash drives. My computer decided to die a slow death today, but I was able to save my notes from the semester just in time. I'm also thankful that Wal-Mart was open on Thanksgiving so I could go buy another flash drive (I left my other ones in T-town) and snatch my notes from my computer's last moments alive.

The exam gods might hate me, but at least Wal-Mart loves me. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you just get a new computer? The HP was a bad decision... macs rock.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to that previous geek who posted about a Mac. Get a Dell like every other lawyer out there. It'll make your transition to the working world easier.

Adrenalynn said...

Wow, great comments, people. So helpful and all.
I'm sorry about your computer, but I'm glad you got to back up your work in time! I hope you'll be able to get it fixed soon- I suppose it's a warranty issue? Good luck with your exams!
And Dell computers are NOT the way to go... :)

Anonymous said...

Dells are nothing special, but judging from SEN's experience in the past year, they are certainly better than HPs.

And no law firm uses Macs except for maybe some dorky Silicon Valley outfits.

Patrick said...

I came here via the ABA Journal's top 100 Law Blogs. Congratulations for the nomination.

If it is any comfort (though, why would it be?), over at Nuts & Boalts we get a little snarky about grammar, too. Especially on Thanksgiving. It can be awkward around the dinner table, but that's a small investment for a better world.