Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Boring Interviews

Although I'm greatly appreciative of all the press the Facebook group has been getting lately, it all has been a bit boring. The pieces are feel-good, fluffy stories, and that's fine. That's all I can expect from a story reporting on a Facebook group.

However, my publicist (Gloria) has been brainstorming some quotes to make these interviews more interesting and memorable. Here are her first two shots:
Grammar is my Malawian baby - like Angelina and Madonna, I got tired of being pegged as just another outrageous, definitive sex symbol and I needed to be taken seriously. My psychic suggested grammar and my Scientology advisor agreed.

Grammar is trendy right now, but its my goal to make it timeless - more Cartier than Tiffany, more Hermes than Balenciaga. Grammar is the new black, and it looks good on everyone.


Lynn said...

"Grammar is the new black, and it looks good on everyone."

May I use that quote for my own selfish purposes? That's just brilliant!

Sharon said...

Absolutely! If you want to quote Gloria, her last name is Son. Gloria Son, and she's brilliant.

bfshoc said...

I like this new use for grammar! But you need at apostrophe in "it's my goal..."