Thursday, September 20, 2007

“If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

That quote is, of course, from Johnny Cochran at OJ Simpson's famous trial. Here are some quotes from my law school professors for your amusement:

"...just pull out a dictionary and make it up. That's what judges do!"

"This will be a helpful way for you to study. So helpful, I'm imposing it on you."

"What is a legal intention? What is it? I don’t have a clue and neither do any of the judges who wrote this decision."

"I’m like you – I didn’t read this case until the night before. If I had, I wouldn’t have assigned it because this case is bad."

"Breathe it in; have fun playing with the Model Penal Code."


Guy Fawkes said...

"If it's his shit, you must acquit."

It's the new hotness for the most recent incarnation of OJ Simpson's "legal difficulties."

tracy said...

stumbled on your blog today through your (brilliant) facebook group... just wanted to let you know i enjoy! studying for the lsats right now... terrifying... anyway, kudos! -trace

Ms. Feasance said...

A truly awesome quote from section 2, which requires a bit of setup. Prof. Torts consistently uses Prof. CivPro as his "injury victim" in his in-class hypotheticals; no one had mentioned it to Prof. CivPro until last week, when this happened:
"Prof. CivPro: Have you discussed the difference between recklessness and negligence in torts?
"Student: I think you should know that Prof. Torts thinks we should kill you."

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